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Areas of Practice


 The practice of law at Anthwal Tax Solutions is miscellaneous, ample and sophisticated. The scope of our services is coordinated across clients, industries and issues.

The Anthwal Tax Solutions firm is organized into three major areas of concentration that function optimally within the context of the law itself: Commercial Tax, Income Tax and Regulatory. Attorneys working under the umbrella of a designated practice area often maintain a singular focus and highly developed facility in a particular legal capacity or industry sphere within these broader groupings.

We assemble our legal teams according to what makes sense for the client and to best address the issues at hand. The multidisciplinary nature of our practice enables us to assign lawyers and align legal professionals with the experience appropriate to the situation, drawing from both broad and narrowly-focused areas of emphasis if needed.

What matters most at Anthwal Tax Solutions is to render assistance and to achieve resolution speedily, seamlessly, and above all to the optimal satisfaction of our clients.



                                 Calculation of VAT, Preparation of Monthly & Annual VAT returns & Filings.

                                 Preparation of P & L accounts, Trading accounts, Balance sheets

                                 Registration of a Firm, Contractors & Society.

                                 Preparation of Reply to Commercial Tax Departments

                                 Procurement of Form '16', 'C' and OC tickets.

                                 Procurement of 1% Order Under 35 (1) of Uttranchal Vat Act, 2005.

                                 Special emphasis during annual assessment of a firm or Contractor.

                                 Filing of appeals in the office of Joint Commissioner (Appeals).



income tax

                                 Preparation of Computation of Income of Individuals, HUF & AOP, Firms.

                                 Manual , E- Filing of all type of Income Tax Returns.

                                 Preparation of P & L accounts, Trading accounts & Balance sheets.

                                 Preparation of reply to Income Tax Officers.

                                 Preperation of reply U/S 154 of Income Tax Act.

                                 Handling Scruitny Cases.

                                 Appeals to Assistant Commissioner (Appeals)



                                 Easements and Rights of Way

                                 Energy Project Development

                                 Environmental Law

                                 Governmental Relations

                                 Health Care

                                 Natural Gas Marketing, Transportation, and Storage

                                 Oil, Gas, and Coal Exploration and Production

                                 Public Utilities